There is a saying…”A man’s house is truly is his castle” We all have the idea that our hard earned house so called “sanctuary” or “place of refuge” are impenetrable to any intruder…but realistically to some its not like that anymore, especially during this days. Using security and safety devices, it provides additional primary defenses and improves security and peace of mind on our priced possession including the lives of our loved ones against intruder, burglars, akyat bahay gang members we called “unwanted visitor”. By adding security devices, you can now lower the odds of an attempted burglary and other possible criminal acts within your premises. We need to be vigilant and to always increase the level of awareness and alertness, because in today’s world, crime never sleeps.

10 Best Benefits of CCTV Security Camera

  • Provides instant alert when problematic trouble or any eventuality occursIt ensures that crime against people, theft, vandalism are substantially reduce, protected and covered
  • It provides valuable video footage that can serve as best evidence during prosecution of a crime committed and a possible conviction
  • Can be used for internal and external Environment to watch over and protect people, property, valuables
  • CCTV is considered to be the most effective method in reducing crime even in public facilities
  • The CCTV surveillance is a key tool for public safety today.
  • A timely detection can lead to crime prevention
  • Help a great deal in deterring crime in any given place
  • Create disciplined environment in the workplace are and catch any sort of undesirable behavior among employees,
  • It is an easy way to resolve issues thru Video footages recorded that help at the time of lawsuits

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Benefits of Body Worn Camera and Dash Cam

  • Police Operatives uses Body Worn Cameras and Dash Cam
  • It will ensure better Video and Audio Recording and Documentation, Promote Accountability and Transparency among Law Enforce
  • It will protect both suspects and law enforcers(HPG, MMDA, PNP and other Law Enforcers) especially during Police Operations in the course of conducting a search or making an arrest related to Anti-drug, Checkpoint & Surveillance Operations, Raids on Tokhang Operations, Oplan Sita and/or Oplan Galugad, etc.
  • To protect police officers being involve and to eliminate alleged abuses against accusations of irregularity and misconduct as they perform their duties.
  • It erases doubts about the conduct of those on the frontlines of blood wars on drugs and other illegal criminal acts.
  • It promote a sense of legitimacy and procedural justice expected of Public Officia

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Benefits of Installing Biometric Fingerprint RFID Door Access and Time Attendance

  • Increase Security in your home or offices that regulate access thru Password or Magnetic Cards
  • To keep your assets safe through restricting sensitive areas and regulate and monitor entry and exit through Fingerprint or proximity card.
  • Access can Prevents interference and illegal entry from outsiderbe granted to allow access to certain people for identification, authentication and authorization
  • Protects Assets and confidential Information, maintain privacy
  • Provide safe and limiting unnecessary entry of unwanted visitor

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Wireless GSM Home Burglar Alarm

  • Home Alarm System serves as your first line of defense against Organized Crime Elements
  • It works as an instant alert when trouble occurs thru GSM Technology.
  • The owner of the house is able to quickly notify thru Text Message whenever there is intrusion.
  • Motion detect and magnetic Contact or Vibration Alert.
  • It also works as Listening Device or Voice Monitoring
  • It will guarantee to reduce the risk of burglars entering undetected
  • No Monthly Fee, No Installation Fee, No Software Fee


  • Quick communication-especially important as response time during disaster, emergency situation, fire, security in an instant by pressing the Push to Call(PTT) Function, you can easily transmit to all Radio users at once.
  • Durable and reliable It is designed to be heavy duty and long lasting use. Most Radios are build for rugged use and passed the required IP Specs that passed vibration, wet condition, dust, heat temperature and best use for jobsite, construction, security, events, etc.
  • Cost Effective-The use of 2Way Radio Transceivers are far more cheap in usage. It does not require monthly billing, for calling or text(for Digital) nor service contracts to use. You save a lot on your communication expenses as compare to use of cellphones.
  • Clearer Communication- The use of Two Way Radio is designed to offer superior audio performance. It features noise cancellation function that eliminates background, wind noise and surroundings.
  • Flexible Voice and Data Application-applicable for Digital Radio which includes Priority calls, call interrupt, voice channel, Data Application on GPS Tracker, Text Message, Telemetry, Bluetooth and other functions

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