Terms & Conditions

Shipping Waiver. Terms and Conditions.

I, Customer, hereby authorize Good Hand  to ship my order to the shipping address stated above .

Also, I, hereby agree that Good Hand may use any packaging available at Good Hand’s resources, and any risk of loss by damage in transit will be borne by me, the customer. By doing so, I acknowledge that I am waiving my right to allow a receiver at the shipping address to sign for this package on my behalf.

Furthermore, I, Customer, have read and agree to all the terms and conditions as found below.

#1. Good Hand, by origin and current state, is a retail brick and mortar store. Online-Shipping is only an extension of that store and by no means a full blown online store. Hence, Brick and mortar store policies, system and limitations will apply and practiced. By purchasing at Good Hand, you have read and agreed to all the terms & conditions stipulated below. And also our Store Policy, Sales Agreement, Warranty Policy, Warranty Limitation, Return Policy, Layaway Poilicy. Proceed only if you accept them absolutely.

#2. Goods travel at buyer’s risk. Good Hand’s responsibility ceases when merchandise is handed to buyer or courier. Good Hand will not be responsible for the item while in transport or at courier’s possession. If the item is found to be defective or damaged at the point of receipt, the presumption is that the same occurred while in the possession of the courier.

#3. Having goods shipped, Customer agrees to relinquish all possible screening during normal releasing. Screening like good’s cosmetic appearances, pre-release screening claims like dead pixels, scratches etc. Good Hand will NOT be liable for problems arising from such circumstances. This is a risk Good Hand explicitly wishes to warn all customers when shipping. Customer must understand, acknowledge and accept this risk before proceeding. If uncomfortable, please visit our branches instead.

#4. In rare cases when accessories of products maybe be left behind or wasn’t included (forgotten) by the distributor / manufacturer, patience will be necessary. Investigation will be requested. If accessories will be sent again, shipping will still be on customer’s account.

#5. Merchandise will be shipped at the condition as it was received from its local distributor. It may or may not be opened (depending on the item and distributor) for warranty sticker purposes or other purposes.