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      GOOD HAND SECURITY PRODUCTS was established on November 22, 2004 with one goal...pursuit of excellence in the industry of Security, Safety, 2Way Radio Communication,Digital CCTV Surveillance Cameras, Electronics & Heatlh and Wellness Products.Realizing the need for economic growth in response to the rising focus and demand on cutting edge security technology with the sole purpose of displaying the newest goods, products and services available to industry professional backed up with the competent and experienced Sales/Marketing and Technical Staff, our company is committed in providing our client satisfaction they deserve.


Our real strength is in our working relation with our customers.

GOOD HAND SECURITY PRODUCTS. More than just another company, we build quality products,
supported by people committed to succeeding together.
We believe in the principle of "Team Work makes the dream work".



Gold Detector Sonda Nuovo MD5008
P19,800.00 P23,800.00
GPS Vehicle Tracker M104
P5,980.00 P4,980.00
GSM Burglar Alarm System
P9,800.00 P8,800.00

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