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Thermo Hygrometer PCE-G1A

//Thermo Hygrometer PCE-G1A

Thermo Hygrometer PCE-G1A


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Product Description

PCE-G1A is an environmental meter with a large display. This IP54-rated wall-mountable device measures both relative humidity (%RH) and temperature (°C only). The PCE-G1A environmental meter has a large LED display with a number height of 100 mm, so measurement values can be seen at a distance of up to 50 m away.

Relative humidity and temperature measurements are displayed every 5 seconds (in 5-second intervals). Sensors are mounted by means of connectors with 1 m long cable to measure relative humidity and temperature when sensors and display are in different places.

The PCE-G1A also has a 2-channel analog output of 4-20 mA. The two channels convert relative humidity and temperature values into 4-20 mA signals before displaying them. This means that measurements can be recorded, controlled and regulated by means of the analog output.


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