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Stun Gun HY-X8 Police Baton Equipment with Powerful LED Lamp

///Stun Gun HY-X8 Police Baton Equipment with Powerful LED Lamp

Stun Gun HY-X8 Police Baton Equipment with Powerful LED Lamp


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Product Description

One of the most powerful stun guns in the market with the designation HY-X8, serves as a LED lamp. Stun gun with a maximum discharge up to 10 million V. paralyzer Police is perfect and safe personal defense means today. Package includes actual shock weapons, charger and battery. A stun gun contains a rechargeable battery, thanks to which you do not have to buy expensive alkaline batteries. Gun serves as a powerful flashlight thanks 10W LED bulb.

Lamp function 100% power, 50% power, 30% power, strobe, SOS signal. The lamp has a high output and up to 320 lumens and last up constantly 4 hours.

Package includes: 2 x rechargeable Li-on, the actual gun, charger for batteries with a reduction in the European outlet.

Stun gun has a solid aluminum body, two buttons for starting the lamp and stunner.
Available in a portable case. The information on the use of stun guns

Personal defense, exercise, safety means for professional unit.

Aluminum finish.

Length: 34 cm
Diameter: 3.4 cm
Weight: 260 g

Solid Aluminum Body, stun guns, light simultaneously.

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