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PCE-778 Thermometer for measuring temperature

//PCE-778 Thermometer for measuring temperature

PCE-778 Thermometer for measuring temperature


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Product Description

PCE-778 Thermometer for measuring from a distance /
Adjustable emissivity / Circle Laser / Optical Resolution: 12.1 /
measurement modes (MIN / MAX, HOLD, intersection, difference value, alarm)

The PCE-778 Thermometer is a temperature measuring device which uses an infrared laser to measure temperatures from a distance. Contactless measurement with the Thermometer is suitable for temperatures up to 800 ° C (1472 ° F). Distances can be overcome, and temperatures too high for the human body to handle can still be measured. The Thermometer  can be used in the food industry, for the prevention of fires of all kind, in the chemical industry, and in the storage and transportation industry. For measurements, make sure that the laser sight of the Thermometer is smaller than the area to be measured. If this is not the case, the distance to the measuring surface must be reduced.

The Thermometer has several features, including the extreme value (Maximum / Minimum), the HOLD, the mean measurement, differential measurement, and alarm (high / low) functions. The built-in backlight ensures optimal reading in any environment. The emissivity of the Thermometer is adjustable by the user, but is preset to 0.95 by default.


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